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Welcome to the Federal Occupational Health (FOH) Virtual Wellness Portal


Federal employees of participating agencies may create an account and access the wellness portal. Please contact fedstrivesupport@foh.hhs.gov  for more information.


The wellness portal offers access to a wide variety of online information and tools:


Wellness Profile

-provides instant results to the participant upon completion

-helps identify health issues, current risks, and specific ways to improve health

-for more information, please visit FOH Wellness Profile


Comprehensive Lifestyle Management Center

 -translates Wellness Profile information into personalized, easy-to-understand material


Online Personal Improvement Tools

-activity logs

-health and wellness articles

-progress tracking


Federal Occupational Health (FOH) is a non-appropriated agency within the Program Support Center (PSC) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). FOH works in partnership with federal organizations nationally and internationally to design and deliver comprehensive occupational health solutions exclusively to federal employees.


Visit FOH.PSC.gov for more information.

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